Baba Vanga Predictions For 2023: Solar Strom To Nuclear Explosions in Asia, Know All Details Here

Top 5 Baba Vanga Predictions For 2023

Baba Vanga Predictions For 2023: Famous mystic Baba Vanga had predicted Princess Diana’s tragic death and many other incidents which unfortunately became true and had also made some spine-chilling prophecies for the year 2023. As 2 months remain until the end of the year 2022, people are curious to know what happened in 2023. No … Read more

Guinness World Records Most Babies Born At Once By South African Woman Gives Birth To 10 Babies

Guinness World Records Most Babies Born At Once

The Guinness World Records most Babies Born At Once is currently held by Halima Cissé gave birth to the nonuplets in Morocco. But A South African woman has reportedly given birth to 10 babies, in what would be a world record earlier held by an American woman, according to a local media report. Guinness World … Read more

Which Is The Ugliest Language In India (Google Controversy)?

Google Controversy 2021 India

Google Controversy 2021 India: If you search on Google the ugliest language in India, the Google search result displays Kannada, but Kannada is one of the oldest languages in the world. Following this, netizen showing anger on social media. People are demanding that Google must apologize and take strict action against it. Kannada is the … Read more

What Is Golden Visa In Dubai? What Are The Eligibility To Get Golden Visa?

What Is Golden Visa In Dubai

Dubai Golden Visa: Recently Bollywood Actor Mr. Sajnay Dutt receives UAE Golden Visa. Sanjay Dutt is first Indian actor who receives Golden Visa. Other Articles Bernard Arnault Becomes The Richest Man In The World In 2021 For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to us –All News Online … Read more

Bernard Arnault Becomes The Richest Man In The World

The Richest Man In The World in 2021

Highlights Bernard Arnault and family, have become the world’s richest beating Jeff Bezos — owner of the biggest online retail platform Amazon, according to Forbes. Arnault spent approx $538 million dollars in recent months acquiring shares of his own French label brand controlled by him and his family. Owners of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy … Read more

“Floccinaucinihilipilification” the longest Word In English is Shashi Tharoor’s new tongue-twister, Have A look


Oxford dictionary describes ‘floccinaucinihilipilification‘ as the action or habit of estimating something as worthless Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, known for his penchant for rarely used, difficult-to-pronounce English words, on Friday threw in another tongue twister “floccinaucinihilipilification”. The noun, which had on Twitter once again running for their dictionaries, came up as Tharoor engaged in friendly … Read more

Largest Iceberg Of The World Is Breaks Off In Antarctica

Largest Iceberg Of The World A-67

Largest Iceberg Of The World: European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed using satellite images that the world’s largest iceberg has broken off Antarctica. The largest Iceberg Of The World named A-67, the iceberg was 4320 square kilometres in size, which is half the size of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The finger-shaped iceberg broke off from … Read more

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