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What is European Sex Championship

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European Sex Championship Rules: For the first time, Sex is recognized as Sport in Sweden. First European Sex Championship to be held on 8 June.

We know you are curious about this championship. Know the rules, disciplines, and other details here.

What is European Sex Championship?

Sweden is the first European country who register Sex as a Sports game. The Swedish Sex Federation will organize the event. This championship will begin on 8 June.

All the participants competed for Six hours daily.

During the championship, participants will have approximately 45 minutes to an hour to play respective matches or activities.


According to the reports, 20 participants from different countries have applied for the European Sex Championship till now.

The winners of the European Sex Championship will be determined through a combination of three juries and audience ratings.

How Winner Will Be Selected In This Championship?

70% of the votes from the audience will be considered, while the remaining 30% will come from the judges’ votes, said the report.

The contestants of the European Sex Championship will compete in 16 disciplines, including seduction, oral s3x, penetration, Appearance, etc.

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