Which Is The Ugliest Language In India (Google Controversy)?

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Google Controversy 2021 India

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Google Controversy 2021 India: If you search on Google the ugliest language in India, the Google search result displays Kannada, but Kannada is one of the oldest languages in the world.

Following this, netizen showing anger on social media. People are demanding that Google must apologize and take strict action against it.

Kannada is the language is spoken by 60 million people and is one of the oldest languages in the world.

Thincnext, an IT company based in Bangalore, has started a petition on change.org to remove the search result from Google.

Google Controversy 2021 India: Why Google Shows Kannada The Ugliest Language In India?

President AAP Youth Wing, Karnataka, Mukund Gowda, shared a letter on Facebook which he wrote to Google India Vice President Sanjay Gupta. He wrote, “I take a serious exception to the search results shown by Google when someone searches for ‘Ugliest Languages in India’. Unfortunately, ‘Kannada’ is the answer which comes up on the screen.”


He further wrote, “While there is no Ugly Language in India, Google should have been sensitive to even show any result for this search. I believe this is the result gathered based on inputs and user experience that is logged as answered by some anti-Kannada users of Google.”

He requested Sanjay Singh, Google India VP to immediately take down the search result and trace people who are playing with the sentiments of Kannadigas.

President of Kannada Development Authority TS Nagabharana was quoted by TV9Kannada as saying, “We have got into the legal battle over this issue. Legal notice sent to Google condemning Kannada. The humiliation of one another in terms of ground, water, language and culture cannot be tolerated. Clearly, this is some kind of systematic conspiracy. Kannadigas, the moods of the Kannada language, are ambushed to create such an opportunity. It is not our job to resist. Instead, these types of events must be kept in check.”

While on the other hand Google shows Kannada Language is the queen of the language in India


Which Is The Ugliest Language In India | Most ugliest language in india?

Google shows “Kannada” is the ugliest language in India. But after that Google removes search result.

Queen Of All Languages In India?

On the other hand, Google shows Kannada is the Queen Of All Languages in India.

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