8 Shocking Simpsons Predictions For 2024

Vivek Satwara

Shocking and Craziest Simpsons Predictions For 2024

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Simpsons Predictions For 2024: Happy Newyear To All!! 2024 has arrived with a mysterious prediction. Till 2023, The funniest predictions have been recorded from the Simpsons series.

For those who don’t know, Simpsons is a viral cartoon worldwide. We have already seen things come true in real life which we have seen in the Simpson Cartoon series.

Let’s know in detail what happened in 2024 per the Simpsons prediction.

Shocking and Craziest Simpsons Predictions For 2024

1. AI Take Over Human Jobs

As we have seen the power of ChatGPT. In the Simpson Series 23 Episode no.17, Homer lost his job due to Artificial Intelligence and many people lost their jobs. This prediction can be true in 2024 because of the increasing demand for AI in every field.

2. The First female president

Back To The Future episode, Lisa portrays the United States First Female President. This can happen in the upcoming election of the USA because of the dramatic rise of Indian-origin VP Kamala Harris in US politics.

3. Former President Of USA, Trump 2024

In a 2015 episode, Homer Simpson flies and sees a signboard that reads Trump 2024. The former US president has announced his candidacy for the upcoming US election.

    4. Hologram Technology

    Bart has received a hologram message at a club. Currently, Hologram Technology is under development.

    5. Taking over Mars

    In one of the episodes, Lisa revealed how the Government is convincing people to migrate to Mars and asking them to sign for it. As we have seen many times world leaders and countries are researching Mars.

    6. Zombie Apocalypse

    The news anchor Kent Brockman transforms into an enraged zombie after eating a fast-food sandwich from Krusty the Clown.

    7. Black Hole

    The Simpsons’ 2013 episode offered a show on the power and massiveness of black holes. Similarly, India is all set to launch a satellite into space that would effectively study black holes in 2024.

    8. World War 3

    Homer in a 1987 episode, played a prank with his family. He told them that, World War 3 was going on. This year, in 2024, the world seems nearer to such a tragedy.

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