Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update: Karan Defence Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update

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Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update on allnews.co.in

Kundali Bhagya Episode begins with Sarala says Karan married Preeta the same way her daughter married him and by marrying her husband again she did nothing wrong. Dadi says she doesn’t approves that marriage.

Sarala says she can understand that Dadi wasn’t part Karan’s first marriage so she is not approving it same way she was also not part her daughter’s second marriage but that’s not matter what she and others thinks the fact is Karan and Preeta’s marriage happened.

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update

Dadi says Luthra’s didn’t accepted Preeta that’s why NGO and Police came here to support her and says they are doing reception and ‘Muh dikhayi’ without anyone saying because they knows to live in this society they had to follow certain rules and asks Sherlyn to not interfere. Mahira says Sarala can stop Sherlyn from talking but she can’t stop her and says Ramona standing silently there instead of taking stand for her that’s the difference from their standards.

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update

She says she did everything because she deserves Karan and their family’s standard match with each other. She says Preeta always hurted Luthra’s and even tried to kill Mahesh. Sarala gets angry and tells her to shut up. Mahira says she won’t stop because she is telling the truth only and she can understand that Sarala is angry now so she is blaming her. She says Sarala easily blames her or Sherlyn because they only always talks against Preeta openly.

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update

Sarala says Luthra’s won’t take stand for Preeta and also she is not expecting that from them expect Karan. She moves towards Karan and asks why he is silent instead taking stand for his wife, his friend. Karan asks what he can say everything arranged for Preeta only but she is not here. Sarala says Preeta would be here only she can’t go anywhere and was about to call her but Karan stops her saying he already called her but she didn’t picked his calls. He gives that fake letter to Sarala before she reads it, Mahira snatches that from her and starts to read and says she got that letter and saree from Karan’s room and to save Luthra’s reputation she weared the saree and came downstairs. Sarala thinks something.

Rishab reads the letter and Sherlyn tells him that now he would have understood what kind of girl Preeta was. Rishab goes to Karan and asks this is why he cried. Ramona asks Sarala to tell who is right here Preeta or Mahira. Kareena says Mahira is right she always wanted Karan to marry her because they were made for each other but Preeta came in between them. She scolds Rakhi for arranging reception for Preeta. Sherlyn says Preeta once again show her real face to everyone by eloping. Mahira says she eloped with Prithvi. Karan yells at them.

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update

On the other side, the Priest tells Preeta that he is not the Priest who does marriage, he doesn’t even know those mantras but he can’t tell that to Pawan because is a devil and he will kill him if he gets to know that he is useless and also know their secret now. Pawan asks Janki how Prithvi looking as a groom. Janki says she is the one who throw Prithvi out of the house when he came ask for Preeta even though he knows that she is a married woman.

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Update

Pawan tells one of the Goon to tie Janki again and takes Prithvi with him. Sristy enters the house and sees Preeta with Pawan. Preeta thinks how to stop the marriage and tells the Priest to stop the marriage. Pawan gets angry and says this marriage will happen for sure. Preeta says when Prithvi is unconscious how this marriage can happen. She tells him that she will marry Prithvi if he gains his conscious and Pawan gets happy hearing her.

Karan moves towards his room. Sarala was about to follow him but Mahira stops her and follows him. She apologize to him for whatever she did. He says how many times he had to repeat that she can’t be his wife because he already married to Preeta. He says Preeta didn’t elope with anyone, he doesn’t know where she is now but he is sure that she didn’t left him for someone else. Mahira cries thinking her plan flopping.

Sarala says Preeta loves Luthra’s. Kareena asks if she loves them then where is she now and says today she eloped with someone just to insult them in front of everyone. Pawan tells the Goons to bring black coffee for Prithvi and calls the Doctor too. Preeta tries to cut the rope. Sristy thinks Pawan doesn’t know about her and plans to do something.

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