Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan quits showbiz For Islam

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Sana Khan quits showbiz

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Sana Khan quits showbiz: Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan has announced in Instagram post that she has decided to quit the entertainment industry (Film Industry) to ‘serve humanity and follow the order of Islam’. Her industry friends supported her decision.

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan has announced her retirement from show business (Film Industry), because of religious reasons. Sana Khan made the announcement in social media posts across platforms.

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan quits showbiz For Islam and serve humanity

Sana said that she will now “serve humanity and follow the order of my Creator.” Sana’s statement comes just over a year after Dangal actor Zaira Wasim quit acting for similar reasons.

Calling it her ‘happiest moment’, the actor wrote in her post that the entertainment industry has given her ‘fame’, ‘wealth’ and ‘honour’, but, she added, “for a few days now, I have been possessed of the realization that: Is the real purpose of man’s coming into this world only to chase wealth and fame?”

Sana Khan quits showbiz

She continued, “Isn’t it a part of his/her duty to spend his/her life in the service of those who are needy and helpless? Shouldn’t a person think that he/she could die at any moment? And what will happen to him after he/she is no more? I have been searching for answers to these two questions for a long period of time, especially the second question as to what will happen to me after my death?”

Sana Khan quits showbiz

She wrote that while pondering these questions, she came to the realisation that “this life in the world is actually for the betterment of life-after-death” and that “it would be better if the slave lives according to the command of his Creator” and does not spend a lifetime chasing wealth and fame.

She added, “Therefore, I declare today that from today onwards, I have resolved to say goodbye to my Showbiz lifestyle forever and serve humanity and follow the order of my Creator. All brothers and sisters are requested to pray for me to Allah to accept my repentance and grant me the true ability to live in accordance with my determination of spending my life following the commandments of my Creator and in the service of humanity, and grant me perseverance in it.”

Sana Khan quits showbiz

Sana concluded her message by requesting everybody to not question her about the entertainment industry anymore. Her post was ‘liked’ by over 100000 people.

Divya Agarwal wrote in the comments section, “Whatever makes you happy. You are a beautiful soul.. you were a pure heart then even when working for the showbiz and even better now. So happy you found your path. Allah aapko dhersari khushiyaan de.. Ameen.” Iridhi Dogra wrote, “Sana my girl Wish you so much love and joy that you already carry within you as a person. Be blessed today and everyday.” Muzamil Ibrahim commented, “I wish you good fortune and great life ahead in whatever you chose to do. May Allah bless us and guide us all.”

Sana Khan quits showbiz

In addition to her stint on Bigg Boss, Sana has appeared in films across languages. Her most popular outing is perhaps Salman Khan’s Jai Ho.

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