Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2020 Written Update: Mahira drinks alcohol

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The Kundali Bhagya Episode begins with Mahira drinks alcohol and everyone shocks seeing that. Dadi tells Kritika that now Preeta will create drama for sure. Kritika says that’s why she was against the idea of this reception. Rishabh asks what happened to Preeta and says it can’t be her. Karan says it’s not Preeta.

Sarala wonders why Preeta behaving like this and says when she didn’t even drink in their house with Janaki then how can she drink here like this, it’s really strange and it can’t be her Preeta.

Kareena says Preeta definitely spoiling their reputation, she feels to slap her and was about to go towards her but Ramona stops her saying not do like that otherwise everyone will get to know the truth they were hiding till now.

Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2020 Written Update: Mahira drinks alcohol

Mahira takes the alcohol glasses from Girish and starts to serve those to the guests. Rakhi says she will talk to Preeta and taunts Sarala for her upbringing and says she already told Preeta to behave well on the reception but she is doing drama now and insulting Luthra’s in front of their guests, and says she can’t believe that Preeta doing all this now when she was not this kind of girl. Sarala says she can’t her Preeta, her hearts says it’s not her daughter definitely something is wrong.

Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2020 Written Update

Rakhi says Preeta doing everything in front of them then how can Sarala ignore this and say like this. Mahira introduces herself as Karan’s wife to the guests and insists them to drink the alcohol.

She suddenly starts to dance and reveals her face to everyone by removing the veil, everyone shocks seeing Mahira in Preeta’s dress. She makes Karan too dance with her and the guests starts to record her performance.

Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2020 Written Update

Luthra’s feels embarrassed. After some time Karan pushes Mahira aside and she starts to laugh and introduce herself as Luthra’s daughter in law. Karan says she is lying, she is not his wife. Sarala says she is her daughter Preeta and asks where is Preeta if Mahira is in Preeta’s place then. Sarala asks Mahira to tell her about Preeta’s whereabouts and gets worried.

Mahira ignores her and struggles to walk properly and says everyone would have read the article that announced Karan’s engagement happened with Mahira and she is that Mahira who got married with Karan.

Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2020 Written Update

She says and the one who Sarala mentioning is no one she is just a betrayer and lier that’s it. Rishab stops the guests from recording and tells them to go to eat and tells Girish to help them. Sristy runs to save Preeta saying she is in danger.

Gabbar brings wedding garlands and gives it to the Priest. Priest asks him to bring the groom. Pawan says he will bring his brother and says Preeta that it’s could that Prithvi’s first marriage didn’t happen because he was not there to attend that marriage that time but now he can be a part of his brother’s special day. And tells her to not even try to move because it’s no use she can’t escape from here and goes to bring Prithvi.

Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2020 Written Update

Preeta wonders what’s happening in Luthra house, till now everyone would have get to know that she is missing there. Rishab tells Mahira that’s it’s their house. Mahira asks didn’t he liked her surprise. Sarala asks her why she is wearing Preeta’s saree.

When Sherlyn interrupted Sarala tells her to stay silent because she is talking with Mahira. Mahira tells Sarala that no one knows where is Preeta now, because she eloped with Prithvi. Sarala slaps her hearing her. Sristy reaches the address given by Janaki. Sarala argues with Kareena and takes stand for Preeta.

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