Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan

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Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan

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Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan

Today is the birthday of Varun Dhawan. Bollywood actor Varun has made a different place in Bollywood with his strong acting as well as his vigorous dance.

Varun Dhawan has won the hearts of everyone with his six packs abs as well as the way he molds himself in every character.

As of now, most of Varun Dhawan’s films have been hits in the film account.

On the special occasion of Varun Dhawan’s birthday, tell you some things related to the actor.

 Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan Birthday: When at the age of 11, the actor made a call to the police, know what was the reason:

  • Varun Dhawan had told in an interview that one day he was alone in his house and there was an incident in his neighborhood that he had to dial 100 numbers and call the police.
  • He voiced his knowledge of domestic violence in a neighborhood house. About this, Varun had said, ‘When we hear a voice coming from someone’s house, we think why should we fall in the middle? I heard many voices from the neighborhood where I lived (not wanting to mention the name of the building).
  • There was no one at my house at that time. I called the police. I was 10 or 11 years old then. ‘
Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan

My mother has taught me to drive:

  • Varun had told in the interview during that time that he considers his mother as the strongest woman in the world.
  • Varun had said, ‘I have seen my mother’s career more closely than my father’s career. When I was younger, I used to go with him, not go on set with Dad.
  • My father was very busy. Come to every function in my school, drive the car, see my business, see the family. They have done more.
  • My mother has also taught me to drive. My father always praises my mother because no one can do as much as she has done alone.
Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan

Comparison with Salman Khan:

  • When Varun Dhawan’s twin film was released, the actor was compared to Salman Khan.
  • To this, Varun had said, ‘I cannot be compared to Salman Khan. Salman is a big-hearted person. It is very difficult for me to reach where I am today. They find incredible love.
  • If I speak on Twitter for them, they do not take into account professional things but speak very privately, I have known them since I was a child. They are very special to me. Whatever I speak for him, I speak from the heart, not by thinking.
Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan

Bollywood Career of Varun Dhawan:

  • By the way, Varun Dhawan’s film career, the actor made his Bollywood debut with the film Student of the Year.
  • Varun is not only known for his strong acting but also for his strong dance. Varun Dhawan has made his own place with many super hit films.
  • Please tell that Varun Dhawan’s next film Coolie is number one. Sara Ali Khan will be seen opposite Varun in the film. Along with this, Mr. Lele is also included in Varun’s upcoming films.
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