CarryMinati Birthday: Journey Of CarryMinati on Youtube

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CarryMinati Birthday

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CarryMinati Birthday Today: CarryMinati began his YouTube channel in 2014 and soon became known for his satirical skits and Hindi commentary.

YouTube sensation CarryMinati turns 21 today. The Faridabad boy, who is known for his satirical skits and Hindi commentary, began his YouTube channel in 2014.

Besides addressing various online topics in his videos, he has also roasted Amir Siddiqui, Deepak Kalal and Dhinchak Pooja. Currently, his channel has 21.6 million subscribers.

Journey Of Carry Minati On Youtube

  • If you use social media, you must have known Carrie Minati. Carry Minati aka Ajay Nagar has been a hot topic on social media for the last several days.
  • He is grabbing the attention of people through one of his latest Tiktok videos Youtube vs Tiktok: The End.
  • In the video, he roasted Tiktok star Aamir Siddiqui.
  • This video went viral on social media so fast that it broke all records.
  • Through this video, where Carry Minati got into controversies, on the other hand, she also achieved the most liked videos in India.
  • Ajay Nagar has completed 20 years of her age on 12 June.
  • Today we are going to tell you many interesting things related to Ajay Nagar.

First Channel Of CarryMinati

  • On CarryMinati has been active on Youtube since she was 10 years old. In his childhood, he did not feel like writing, he used to give most of his time on YouTube.
  • At the age of 11, Ajay Nagar created his own channel named YouTube StealThFearzz. Initially, he did not get any special response from the people.
  • Ajay Nagar then opened another Youtube channel called Addicted A1.
  • Then he started mixing big Bollywood stars. He later changed the name of the channel to ‘Carrie Deol’.
  • He came into the limelight when he roasted the well-known YouTuber Bhuvan Bam. After that his subscribers grew rapidly.

Fastest Growing Youtube Channel

  • Keeping in mind the growing subscribers on YouTube, Carry Minati made YouTube her own profession.
  • He later renamed his channel to CarryMinati. Here he started entertaining people through FaceCam.

CarryMinati Received Threats

  • Carrie has also received threats from various people for roasting many well-known stories in his videos.
  • At times, Carry Minati’s channel survived – even when it was closed.
  • At first, Carry used to roast any entertainment to entertain people. However, before taking any roast, take permission.

“Carry Is Live” Second Channel of CarryMinati

  • In addition to making roast videos, Carry is also fond of online games.
  • He has also created his own channel ‘Carry Is Live’ for the game.
  • On this, he live-streamed the game 2-3 hours daily in the evening and chitchat with his fans.

Carry Minati Challanged MS Dhoni

  • 21-year-old Carrie has also challenged Mahendra Singh Dhoni to play the game. Pahji Champion carry has challenged Mahi.
  • Carry Minati said that he wants to play “Pubg” once with Dhoni.

Watch Top 10 Videos on CarryMinati Birthday

Journey Of Carry Minati On Youtube
Journey Of Carry Minati On Youtube
Journey Of Carry Minati On Youtube
CarryMinati Birthday
CarryMinati Birthday
CarryMinati Birthday

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