YALGAAR Song – CarryMinati Latest Rap Song Released For YouTube VS TikTok Battle

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Yalgaar Song CarryMinati

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YALGAAR – CarryMinati: Most Awaited Song of Carry Minati‘s Yalgaar Released on youtube.

YouTuber Ajey Nagar, Also known as Carry Minati, released a rap-song titled “Yalgaar.”

In the video, Carry Minati talks about his video titled YouTube vs TikTok- The End, which was removed for violating terms of service.

Carry Minati roasted Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui. We hear him sing “video giraake pure desh ka dil dukhaya (you hurt my fans by pulling down the video)”

He goes on to say how YouTube also made money with his content and how they “ate my business.”

Watch Yalgaar Song CarryMinati

Yalgaar Song got more than 4.5 millions views in just 1 day.

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