Why Suriya Extis From Bala’s Next Movie Vanangaan?

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Suriya Upcoming Movie

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Suriya Upcoming Movie: Suriya exits from director Bala’s next film Vanangaan. This is the third movie of Suriya with director Bala after Nandha and Pithamagan.

Due to some reason actor, Suriya has exited Tamil filmmaker Bala’s upcoming movie Vanangaan.

In a statement, posted on Friday, the filmmaker confirmed that Suriya opt out after some changes in the story.

Suriya Exits From His Upcoming Movie Vanangaan

“I wanted to direct a new movie called Vanangaan with my brother Suriya. But due to some changes in the story, I now have doubts whether this story will be suitable for Suriya,” said Bala.


“Surya has full faith in me and this story. It is also my duty as a brother that I should not cause even a small embarrassment to my younger brother who has so much love, respect and trust,” he added.

Vanangaan would have been the third collaboration between Suriya and Bala after doing two films Nandha (2001) and Pithamagan (2003).

Bala said it was “discussed and unanimously decided” that Suriya would withdraw from Vanangaan. He added that they would definitely collaborate on another project in the future.


“It was a decision he made in his best interest, even though he was deeply saddened by it. The Suriya I saw in Nandha and the Suriya you saw in Pithamagan will definitely join us in another moment. The shooting for Vanangaan will continue…” he said.

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