Kanye West Says Elon Musk Is Half Chinese And Genetic Hybrid, Elon Wants To Punch His Face

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Kanye West Says Elon Musk Is Half Chinese And Genetic Hybrid, Elon Wants To Punch His Face

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Kanye West Trolled Elon Musk: Kanye West is trolling Elon Musk for suspending his Twitter Account.

Elon Musk Wants to punch Kanye’s face.

Everyone thinks that Kanye West And Elon Musk are buddies. But Kanye is called Half Chinese Human.

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Why is Kanye West Trolling Elon Musk And Says Half Chinese Human?

On Monday morning, Kanye posted on Instagram and said Elon musk is cloned hybrid human, he is half Chinese because his genetic material comes from a “Genius Chinese” and a South African model.

Kanye says ‘it sure sounds nonsense”. but Musk is the result of biological engineering as his father is Chinese and his mother is South African.


Kanye, recently re-banned on Twitter, says Musk is a product of biological engineering.

When Kanye posted Elon Musk’s half-naked photo, Musk said that I have taken this photograph as motivation and it triggers him to me get back in shape and reduce some weight.


Musk wants to punch Kanye’s face

The new Twitter boss (CEO) also wants to punch Kanye in his face, although he wants to do so not because of all the nonsense that Kanye is talking about him.

Instead, the reason why Musk is angry at the rapper is because of how Kanye used Twitter immediately after he was un-banned a few weeks ago.

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