Sara Tendulkar Deepfake Photos Went Viral, Sara Warns Fans

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Sara Tendulkar Deepfake Photos Viral

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Sara Tendulkar Deepfake Photos: Sara Tendulkar alerts her fans and worries about her fake Twitter account which is full of Deep Fake Photos.

Recently, Sara Tendulkar shared a post on Instagram and talked about her fake Twitter account (X Account). She worried about viral deepfake photos of her on social media.

Sara Tendulkar Deepfake Photos Viral, She Reacted

Sara talks about her Deep fake photos which are shared on her fake X account (Twitter). She said Social media is a platform for sharing moments and daily routine experiences but some misuse technology.

She mentioned some deepfake photos which is created by Deepfake technology.

Sara highlighted the existing accounts with her name on X that aim to defame her image in the public. Sara also clarified that she does not have any official account on X and called upon the platform to investigate and suspend the fake accounts that are opened in her name.

Sara Tendulkar Deepfake Photos

Sara urged X to take action against those who have created fake accounts of her.

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