Shocking! Anushka Sen Deepfake Viral Video Leaked On Instagram, Fans Confused After Watching

Vivek Satwara

Anushka Sen Deepfake Viral Video Anushka Sen Viral Video

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Anushka Sen Deepfake Viral Video: A Deepfake AI technology is becoming dangerous day by day. A few days ago, Rashmika Mandanna became a victim of the Deepfake viral video.

Now Popular TV Actress Anushka Sen Viral Video circulated on Instagram.

Without any consent and knowledge people are created dirty videos of popular celebrities using AI Technology.

AI is creating that Deepfake video so accurately, that it is very hard to know whether It is real video or fake.

Anushka Sen Deepfake Viral Video | Anushka Sen Viral Video

Anushka Sen is a very popular content creator on Instagram as well as YouTube. She has an insane amount of followers on social media.

Anushka’s popularity has increased day by day due to her looks and skills.

She is very active on social media. Her every reel and short has gone viral. Anushka’s fans loved to watch her on videos.

Recently she announced her appearance in the Korean project ‘Asia’ and became the first Indian actress who work in the Korean project.

But this time her fans were shocked. Someone has created a fake video of Anushka Sen. That video is very bold.

Reaction On Her Deepfake Viral Video

We would clarify that the video of Anushka Sen which is going viral is completely ‘FAKE’ and is created using Deepfake AI technology.

Anushkha and her team are discussing the issue and are trying to find out how the video got leaked on the internet without her consent.

We request our readers not to watch to share such photos and videos as it can hamper a person’s reputation in society.

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