Precautions from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Precautions from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Here is the guidance to take precautions from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Firstly, we must know what is Novel Coronavirus Disease?

  • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is caused by Novel Coronavirus that leads to cough, fever or difficulty in breathing.
  • This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

Most Common Symptoms of COVID-19:

Precautions from Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Symptoms of COVID-19
  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Breathing Difficulties

Take precautions and Protect yourself from Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  1. When coughing and sneezing, Cover your mouth and nose with handkerchief or tissue.
  2. Wash hand with soap and water frequently.
  3. Keep distance and avoid close contact with anyone with fever, cough , or breathing difficulties.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth.
  5. If you have fever, cough, breathing difficulties with travel history coronavirus affectes countries or area with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient, Contact your nearest Health facility or report the helpline number.

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Here is the list of Do’s and Don’ts to protect yourself and take precautions from coronavirus (COVID-19).

    1. Practice frequent hand washing. Wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol based sanitizer. Wash hands even if they are visibly clean.
    2. Cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue while sneezing and coughing.
    3. Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after single use.
    4. See a doctor if you feel unwell ( fever, difficult breathing and cough). While visiting doctor wear a mask/cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
    5. Avoid participating in large gatherings.
Prevention from Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Prevention from Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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