Kamya Punjabi In Depression: Kamya Punjabi broke down after a breakup with Karan Patel, had left to eat in depression

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Kamya Punjabi In Depression

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Kamya Punjabi In Depression: Kamya Panjabi on breakup with Karan Patel, depression and married life with Shalab Dang, Kamya Punjabi married Delhi-based healthcare professional Shalabh Dang in February this year.

Karan Patel came to his life before his marriage to Shalabh, but after some time there was a breakup. After the breakup, Kamya was so broken that she went into depression.

Kamya Punjabi In Depression

Kamya Punjabi In Depression
Kamya Punjabi In Depression
  • Kamya Punjabi was not ready for second marriage. She was struggling with all these things when Shalabh Dang came into her life and today she is living a happy married life.
  • However, celebrating herself for this wedding was not easy for Kamya Punjabi.
  • In a conversation with ETimes TV recently, Kamya opened up several layers of personal life and also said that it took him two and a half years to start a normal life again after the breakup from Karan Patel.

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Kamya was not ready for second marriage, this fear was in her mind

Kamya Punjabi In Depression
Kamya Punjabi In Depression

While Kamya Punjabi In Depression, she said,

It was very difficult for me because my daughter has grown up now. She is 10 years old and I cannot bring anyone near her and say that she is your father and I want to get married.

Secondly, it was a Mumbai-Delhi relationship. I love my work very much and I cannot leave it to anyone. And sometimes there were many reasons like Ara’s school.

Everything was going well and I didn’t want to spoil it. So all these things were going on in my mind. Then it was also thought that if I get married again, what will happen if she does not work again.

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‘Used to live in my own terms’

Kamya Punjabi In Depression
Kamya Punjabi In Depression

Kamya Punjabi further said,

To tell the truth, I was scared and I was so used to living my life on my own terms that I was not ready to leave it for anyone. It took me two and a half years to start a normal life after a breakup from Karan Patel.

Two and a half years later, that opportunity came when I started loving myself. I was eating on time, sleeping on time, talking to friends and also used to go to work.

‘Kamya Punjabi In Depression, did not eat or sleep’

  • Kamya Punjabi still picks up the memory of that breakup with Karan Patel. She recovered very hard from him.

On this, Kamya said, ‘After the breakup, I went inside a shell. I was not eating nor sleeping. I did not feel like doing anything. I was in depression.

My counseling was going on and apart from that a lot of things were happening. But now I have started my life. Now I am not ready to compromise or sacrifice anything for anyone.

It felt like I have come out of jail and now I don’t want to go back inside. (In the picture: Kamya Punjabi and Karan Patel)

Shalabh Dang changed his life, got a very loving person

Kamya is very happy that her husband Shalabh Dang loves her very much.

She said, ‘Shalabh has seen me and has accepted me as I am. I love what I am, I love it so much. He respects me very much. When Shalabh came into my life, fear slowly ran away.

It is not that I took the decision to marry Shalabh overnight. I also gave time to the relationship with him. Met her family, saw everything and then said yes.

They know that I am like this. The moths are very different. I never knew that a husband or a man should be like this. They have won my trust. Now I am not afraid of anything in life.

He is there to support me, to love me, and I know that he will be with me whenever there is a problem. This makes me even stronger. ‘

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