Who is Marina Kuwar? Know Everything About The Actor Whose Name Was Dropped by Sonu Nigam Against Bhushan Kumar

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Who is Marina Kuwar

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Who is Marina Kuwar: Sonu Nigam and Bhushan Kumar are at loggerheads from quite a few years and the latest controversy has made the bitterness between them even more stronger.

In the latest video, Sonu has threatened Bhushan Kumar that he will expose him and says that he will release the video of certain Marina Kuwar.

Since then, netizens are searching who is Marina and what video is the singer talking about.

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Marina Kuwar Wiki

Who is Marina Kuwar
Who is Marina Kuwar? Lets Know About Her
  • Who is Marina Kuwar? After doing a bit of digging, actor Payal Rohatgi found a video of Marina Kuwar where she can be seen speaking to Aaj Tak and alleges that Bhushan Kumar molested her.
  • In the video, she narrates her ordeal and says that she went to his office to have a meeting regarding a music video with Honey Singh but he said that he has a press conference and can meet some other time.
  • She says that he asked her to come to his home cum office for the meeting and she goes to meet him. She alleges that he molested her in the house and ran out of there after his wife called him up.

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Who is Marina Kuwar?

  • Marina is a model and an actor, who has appeared in episodes such as CID, Aahat and has also been a part of few modeling projects.
  • As per the reports, she was roped in to play the male lead in Akshay Kumar starrer Million Dollar Baby but unfortunately, the film did not shelve out.
  • In a statement, she spoke about the film and said, “Working with a star like Akshay Kumar is like a dream come true, the journey from modeling to acting has been a major struggle but I have never given up and I am confident I will soon be recognised.”

Marina Kuwar Bigg Boss 9

  • Marina dated actor Mayur Verma for quite some time and broke up with him in 2016.
  • She was also approached for Bigg Boss 9 and has reportedly featured in a task on the reality show where she saves Prince Narula and Rishabh Sinha.

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