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Child Marriage in India

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About Child Marriage Essay: Essay on child marriage in India! Find prime quality essays on ‘Child Marriage in India’ especially written for school and college students.

These essays will guide you to be told about the history, causes, effects, prevention and what steps to be taken to spread awareness about child marriage in India.

Child marriage in India continues to be a prevalent practice. So far, we can’t seem to beat the dark reality of child marriage in India. in a very layman’s language, child marriage in India means involving a boy and girl to induce into the marital bond, with or without their consent.

Audience:The below given essays are exclusively written for School students (Class 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th std) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS, Civil Services and UPSC may also increase their knowledge by reading these essays.

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List of Essays on Child Marriage in India

Essay on Child Marriage in India – Short Essay (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

Child marriage in India is one amongst the foremost baffling of all problems which the Indian society faces. There was a time when most child were married at a awfully premature age.

There are several instances wherein children but 10 years old got married. They barely understood the meaning of marriage and yet they were tied to a bond they may do nothing about.

Causes of Child Marriage in India:

In earlier times, Child marriage in India was an age old tradition. a number of the numerous other causes of Child Marriage in India include poverty, illiteracy, social pressure, etc.

The Perils of Child Marriage in India:

Of course, child marriage in India is full of too many perils. lots of innocent lives were lost and kids who should be taught the fundamentals of education ended up being chained to family pressure. This affected the child mentally similarly as physically.

The Remedial Measures:

The right thing to try to to is to make awareness about this issue. If we would like to unravel the matter of Child Marriage in India, we should always educate both parents and kids and encourage them to be independent first so search for a partner only after attaining a specific age. Laws should even be put in situ so as to induce obviate this social issue.


Children of today are the long run of tomorrow. they need to be given proper education so as to make a robust nation. It’s time to place an end to Child Marriage in India.

Essay on Child Marriage in India (Essay 2 – 250 Words)


Child Marriage in India basically originated to forestall the girl child from being withdrawn by the conquerors of the state. Child Marriage means a woman or a boy gets betrothed to her partner while a toddler purely at the consent of the fogeys. while the lawful age for an individual to be married is ready at 18 by UNICEF, it’s not practiced in many places.

Reasons & Consequences:

Two primary reasons for Child Marriages in India is lack of education and poverty. The appalling consequences of Child Marriages include pregnancy- related deaths, child mothers unable to produce proper infant care, subjected to force.

Government & Laws:

Although there have been laws breathing since 1929 to shield children from Child Marriages in India, it’s unfortunate that “Allowance of Child Marriages without police Intervention” is being announced as Election promises during this Country.

Every Citizen during this country contains a role to shield and uphold the longer term citizens, the now Children. Many Government programs like ApniBeti, Apna Dhan (ABAD), which translates to “My daughter, My wealth,” target delaying the Child Marriages in India.

Balika Vadhu one amongst the foremost watched melo-drama, showcased how Child Marriages are a bane to humankind and therefore the country.


As a dutiful citizen, each people should make the kids understand their human rights. Create awareness and provides the kid appropriate contact information to hunt contacts when their cry of refusal is denied ears.

this might therefore abolish child marriage in India and build a secure environment to nurture the long run of the country.

Essay on Child Marriage in India – Written in English (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

Marriage may be a very responsible and sacred way of uniting two folks that are matured and prepared to simply accept one another.

But child marriage in India are some things that’s a extremely unethical way of uniting people, who don’t seem to be only immature but also doesn’t understand the important responsibility behind the phenomenon.

Indian law has assigned a minimum age of eighteen for ladies and twenty-one for boys to legally unify. This law was passed because of the increased reporting of Child Marriages in India.

While at one side most are trying to form the foremost out of our nation’s growth, at the opposite side it’s an excessive amount of annoying to think how children have gotten mislead to guide a responsible life at their childhood.

Mainly girl children are forced to comprise child marriage in India as they’re discriminated within the society thanks to their gender. Child marriages in India were considered by parents as the simplest way of saving their child from abuses and other difficulties they face from the skin world.

But on the opposite hand child marriage in India may be a real spoiler of a kid’s childhood. They get on with handling more responsibilities than they even understand and plenty of cases are reported against this child marriage in India.

They are forced to measure a life they don’t have any idea about because of this inhuman child marriage in India. The girl child is created to maneuver out of her own house at such a young age because of child marriage in India, and live completely among strangers.

She is forced to try and do all the household chores and other tougher responsibilities. Child marriage in India ruins a child’s life.

Domestic violence and made sexual abuses are major problems thanks to child marriage in India. Not only girls but boys are forced for such inhumanity.

Child marriage in India is more dominant in rural areas where proper education and awareness should be spread to prevent this cruelty.

Essay on Child Marriage in India – Causes, Effects and Prevention (Essay 4 – 400 Words)


Child Marriage in India could be a centuries old tradition. When the 1921 census reported 600 brides within the cohort of 1 to 12 months, Mahatma Gandhi was shocked.

He became instrumental in introducing the Sarda Act or the Child Marriage Restraint Act in 1929. That was the primary step taken against child marriage in India.

It fixed the age of marriage for women at 14 years and boys at 18 years. Since then many reformers and stakeholders are advocating against child marriage in India.


Since bygone days, the dignity and reputation of families in India were heavily addicted to the chastity of their daughters. To uphold the honour, child marriage in India was prevalent at a young age before puberty.

Due to poverty, many poor parents wished to determine off their daughters through marriage at early years. Some even received monetary benefits from the groom’s family in lieu of marriage.

Further, poor families also found it cheaper to conduct child marriages than adult marriages.So, the varied reasons for child marriage in India include tradition, poverty, illiteracy and social pressures.


The victims of Child Marriage in India are often uneducated. they are doing not have a broad view of their life with regard to the globe. So, they often tend to pass this tradition to future generations, out of ignorance.

Due to the first marriage, these children often experience unprecedented responsibilities, suffer discontinuation of education, deterioration of health etc.

Since they’re physically and psychologically not ready for a married life, their childhood is frustrated with hardships of life.


The latest effort to forestall child marriage in India is that the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court in October 2017.

All along, men who raped their minor wives were protected by the law. But, according this latest judgment, sexual act with a toddler bride has been criminalised. this is often an explicit step to curb child marriage in India.

Since 2014, it’s become mandatory to register marriages so as to forestall child marriage in India.

The general public has been encouraged to report child marriages and non-registered marriages so as to stay violations under control.

Various sensitization programs are allotted to coach the fogeys and also the public against child marriage in India.


UNICEF sees child marriage practice as violation of human rights. one amongst United Nations’ sustainable goals is to eradicate child marriage within the world by 2030.

Studies indicate that quite 40% child marriages of the globe, happen in India. So, the International community expects a radical change in India than the other country.

With dreams to become a superpower within the near future, it’s become imperative to place an end to child marriage in India.

Essay on Child Marriage in India – for varsity Students (Class 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) (Essay 5 – 500 Words)

India is surging on its thanks to become a superpower, but it’s a startling reality that an age old evil practice called child marriage still prevails within the country.

India has the second highest number of Child Marriages in step with a UN report. in line with the statistics the State of Bihar has the best incidence of Child Marriage at 68% followed by Rajasthan and Jharkhand.

Causes of Child Marriage:

According to the law in India marriageable age is18 years for women and 21 years for boys. Child marriage in India should be seen as an exploitation of right.

This evil tradition has existed in India for a protracted time. From the time of the birth of a lady child she was treated as someone else’s property and hence was married at a awfully tender age.

Another social reason to initiate child marriages was that the elders wanted to work out the expansion of their family with regard to the quantity of youngsters because it characterized their status.

Poor people practiced child marriage to urge eliminate their loans, taxes, whereas some people instigated it to fetch payment dowry.

Impact of Child Marriage:

Child marriage in India imposes huge household responsibilities, especially on innocent girl children who aren’t mentally and physically prepared for it.

Boys who are still minors are forced connected critical financial responsibilities and also the whole family. Child marriage in India snatches the innocent childhood and therefore the freedom to play and learn from these kids.

This evil practice incubates a greater risk of contracting sexual diseases like HIV. Girls who hook up with at a awfully young age are less likely to bear in mind about pregnancy and correlated topics.

A baby born to such mother is more likely to suffer from ailments like malnutrition.

Prevention of Child Marriages in India:

The Indian Constitution and Law prohibit Child-Marriage in India in any shape or form. The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 eradicate the issues in previously present laws.

The act strictly prohibits the wedding of a lady under eighteen years old and a boy below twenty-one years old. Under this law, the kids have the selection to declare their marriage as annulled up to 2 years of reaching adulthood.

Apparently, a serious shortcoming of the law is that it doesn’t cover the Muslims, as this law is binding to any or all citizens of India.

A foremost hindrance in curbing the evil practice is that the majority of those marriages aren’t registered and are applied informally.


Marriage could be a sacred union between two mature individuals who are in consensus with one another to share responsibilities and be sure of every other for a lifetime.

Child Marriages happen to be an illogical institution that has prevailed within the country, despite all the event and growth that the country has witnessed over the time.

It has to be understood that poverty and lack of education are the main factors that undermine the efforts to finish this menace. the govt.

of India and different NGOs’ are working meticulously to spread awareness about child-marriage in India.

As a responsible citizen of India we must contribute to the fullest to eradicate this evil practise by immediately reporting to the police when one hears of Child Marriage going down.

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