Human Barbie 2022: 21-year-old Austrian Girl Spent $70,000 To Transformed Her Into Human Barbie, Check Her Viral Pics

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Human Barbie 2022 Jessy Bunny

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Human Barbie 2022: People around the world have obsessions to look like some famous celebrities and Barbie Dolls, and sometimes they do tend to border on the bizarre and insane.

In the Whole world, most of the girls loved to play with Barbie dolls, but an Austrian girl has been so obsessed with them that she underwent extreme cosmetic surgeries (Plastic Surgery) to turn herself into a ‘human Barbie’.

Human Barbie 2022: Austrian Girl Jessica Transformed Her Into Human Barbie, Checkout Her Viral Photos

Taking her Barbie obsession to the next level, the 21-year-old Austrian girl named Jessica, spent a whopping Rs. 52.8 lakh ( $70,000) on various cosmetic surgeries on her body to look like a Human Barbie.

She is more popular on social media as Jessy Bunny, Jessica said that the three-year transformation has resulted in her “dream body”. She reportedly started her body transforming when she was 18.
human barbie without makeup

According to a Yahoo News report, Jessica has undergone three breast enhancements, a surgery on her nose job and procedures to plump up her lips and bum.

However, she is in no mood to stop and wants to have more transformations done.

Jessica’s family does not like her Barbie transformation

Though Jessica is happy with her transformation, her family isn’t impressed. Jessy revealed that her family has blocked her phone calls and ignored her text messages.

“This is so sad as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents. I just don’t understand why they behave that way just because I’ve changed my physical appearance,” Jessy told Heute.

Jessy revealed that she had short hair and many piercings before the surgeries, and she did not feel confident in her body and wanted to transform it.

Notably, Jessy had paid for her first breast surgery with money she got from her mother and father to take driving lessons.

After multiple surgeries, she claims to feel more confident and wants to have a few more. She said that her first breast enhancement gave her a “huge confidence boost” and now she plans to turn her whole body into a “total Barbie doll”.

“I can imagine having several more surgeries. Having the biggest silicone breasts in Austria just isn’t enough for me. I want the most voluminous lips in the whole country,” she said. On Instagram, she has 89.4k followers, where she shares a lot of her pics after surgery.

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