Andrea Emilova Ivanova: Having Surgery To Look Like Barbie Girl

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Andrea Emilova Ivanova

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Having surgery to look like Barbie’s, Andrea is shocked, instead of looking beautiful, you will be shocked to see her face.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova: This girl, who had lost her face after 20 surgeries in 2 years, wanted to look beautiful, a condition that is now difficult to identify.

There are so many types of eccentric people in the world. Some have hair growing craze while some have nails. Some people are crazy about plastic surgery.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova Want To Look Like Barbie Girl

  • Andrea Emilova Ivanova, 22, who lives in Bulgaria, has a big lip craze. For this he spent money like water. So far she has spent millions on her lips.
  • She has created such lips through 20 surgeries in just two years. But still she is not happy. They want big lips.
  • For which she is going to undergo several surgeries. See how Andre changed his look in 2 years.

Bulgarian Barbie Girl

  • Andrea, who was born in Bulgaria, has always wanted big lips. For this, she visited many clinics, said 22-year-old Andrei, who has undergone surgery 20 times so far.
  • But she wants more surgery to make her lips bigger.
  • She has spent millions so far behind her surgery. She underwent her twentieth surgery in the last week of April, after which she shared a picture of herself on social media.
  • She took her first injection into her lips in 2018. Since then, her fondness for big lips has continued to grow.
  • She studies philosophy in college. She also admitted that many doctors are now refusing his surgery. But she doesn’t want to stop.

Biggest lips in the world

Andrea Ivanova
  • Andrea wants to be the woman with the biggest lips in the world. He said he has a hard time eating and drinking after the injection.
  • Also, she is in severe pain for the first three days.
  • She will now give an injection to enlarge her lips again after two months. She said he liked her lips very much.
  • She looked like this in 2019. But even after this, she was injected several times into the lips.

Andrea Ivanova Instagram

  • She has visited almost every clinic in Bulgaria so far. Many have now refused surgery.
  • She keeps sharing her photos on social media. She has 50 thousand followers on Insta. She said she gets both good and bad comments.

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