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Deaths and Cases of india and Italy Statistics

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The number of cases and deaths of corona virus in India is constantly increasing. This has increased the risk of virus transmission to the country. This is what is called the third phase of the corona.

According to experts, India has now entered the third phase. His real picture will become clear on April 14, when the lockdown ends. He also warns that the Corona graph in India looks just like Italy. The Fair Bus is just in time.

In terms of corona virus cases and death toll, India is advancing in Italy. We’re just a month behind in time. According to World Meter data, up to April 1, 1998 cases of Corona were reported in India and 58 people were killed.

From a month ago, the statistics of Italy on March 1, there were 1577 cases against Corona until this date when 41 people were killed. According to data released on Monday, April 6, 4778 cases of corona virus were reported in India and 136 people were killed.

Looking at the situation a month later, that is, if Italy wanted a graph by March 6, there were 4636 cases and 197 people were killed.

Italy vs India speedometer of deaths and cases
Day-to-day situation: There are just as many cases now reported in India today, as in Italy a month ago.

In India and Italy, the daily death toll and death toll are almost the same. Even here the bus is just a short distance away. A month ago, as many cases were reported and killed in India as in Italy every day.

In Italy, on March 1, 573 cases were reported and 12 died. One month later, 601 cases were reported in India on April 1 and 23 died.

1- Less Testing: Only 85 thousand people have undergone corona virus test so far in India. That is, only 6.5 people are being tested at a lakh population
  • In a country with a population of 130 million, screening and sampling of corona virus infected people is not enough. There have been about 85,000 tests in India so far. In some states, only 250 to 500 tests are
  • being performed daily. This involves doing a lot of tests on one person. Corona cases are also coming down in India for this reason. Currently, only 6.5 people are being tested in India with a population of one lakh.
2- Lockdown Apply Soon: This is because Corona virus has been in the second stage for a month, so on average, only 500 cases are exposed every day.
  • According to the WHO, the Government of India has declared a lockdown at the right time. So corona cases are coming down in the country.
  • The speed of corona virus in India is much slower than in China, US and European countries.
  • As many as 374 cases were registered in the country till March 22, the day of the public curfew. About 820 new cases have come out in the country after its 8th Jeevus. That is, on average 100 cases have been reported in a single day. On March 31, 1635 cases were filed.
  • On April 6 this number increased to 4778. That is, 3145 cases occurred in 6 days. The country now faces an average of more than 500 Corona cases a day.
  • According to Expert, corona virus has been in the stage for one month in India. It has not yet reached the third stage. Also called the Community Transmission Phase. In 10 days in the United States, cases of Corona virus have reached 1,000 to 20 thousand.
3- BCG vaccine: In countries including India where BCG vaccine has been given for a long time, people are less prone to the virus.
  • A BCG vaccine is also considered to be the reason for the low speed of corona virus in India. In fact, BCG vaccine has been used in India for 72 years. The world now considers it helpful to fight Corona.
  • According to a study by the New York Institute of Technology’s Department of Biomedical Sciences, corona cases are becoming more prevalent in countries such as the United States and Italy, where BCG vaccine policy is not.
  • However, in countries like Japan and Brazil, the death toll is lower than in the US and Italy.
  • BCG’s full name is Bacillus Comet Guerin. It is a vaccine linked to TB and respiratory illnesses. BCG is given to a baby six months after birth. In the view of medical science, BCG vaccine provides immunity compared to bacteria.
  • It gives the body strength. So that it can withstand the onslaught of pathogens. Although corona is a virus. Not bacteria.
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