1000 rupees ‘Coronavirus Pendant’ viral on social media

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corona virus pandents

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Medical Jewelry Company of Russia Vorobave launches a coronavirus-shaped pendant. The company started selling the pendant online just before the Corona epidemic began. The corona virus-shaped pendant costs Rs 1000. Many people on social media are questioning the idea of ​​this company.

On the other hand, the company’s founders say that this is the best option to support the medical staff fighting the pendant corona virus.

“The main purpose of this project is to support the medical staff. This pendant symbolizes our greatest victory over the Corona virus. Patients recovering from the corona virus are gifting a doctor with a pendant. This company produces jewelry in the shape of DNA, brain and body parts.

People are posting and buying this corona pendant on social media. The company has sold over 1000 Corona pendants to date. Following the Corona pendant, the company will now also produce Corona Broch, which contains a Corona virus captivity in a cage. It is worth mentioning that, in Russia so far more than 8000 positive cases have occurred.

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