In Rajkot, with two more positive cases, a total of 3 cases were registered on the same street of Jangleshwar, 66 negative and one report is yet to come.

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Rajkot corona viruses

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Rajkot Municipal Corporation has started taking various measures on the basis of warfare on April 7, two days ago in the Jangaleswar-27 area in Rajkot city after a youth was found to have positive corona symptoms.

A total of 51 samples were sent to the laboratory for collection in the Jangaleswar area. Of which, two more people have been diagnosed as having corona positive.

In Rajkot, 68 samples were taken from the city today

In this regard, UCPA Commissioner Udit Agarwal said that 35-year-old woman from Jangleshwar-27 and 50-year-old woman in front of her house were diagnosed as corona positive. One of the two patients was shifted to a civil hospital yesterday.

Rajkot Municipal Corporation took samples of 51 persons from Jangaleswar area. While 17 samples from different parts of the city, a total of 68 people were sent to the laboratory.

Of these, 66 samples were found to be negative and two cases of Jungleshwar were found to be positive.

Special look at Tantra in Jangaleswar

The first positive case of the corona virus was reported is the look of the system in the Jangaleswar area. The sample size has been increased by the system.

There have been 2 cases of positive system alerts coming from the same area. 68 samples were taken today. Of these, 65 out of 68 samples have been reported negative. While three are waiting. In Bhavnagar, the report of 119 samples has been negative today

Rajkot Police’s Flag March

It was flagged by Rajkot police for successful lockdown. Officers, including Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal, were present.

Flag marches have been conducted in different areas of the city. The new Rajkot and the old Rajkot were flagged.

Police are trying to make the lockdown a success on the city’s highways.

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