Casting Couch In Ollywood: Pupul Bhuyan Defends Prakruti Mishra

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Casting Couch In Ollywood

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Casting Couch In Ollywood: Pupul Bhuyan said while 99 percent of the people in Ollywood are clean, there is still 1 percent of people who would force newcomers to compromise to get work in the industry.

Recently, Prakruti Mishra made allegations against producer Sanjay Nayak. On the statement of Prakruti, actress Pupul defends her.

Casting Couch In Ollywood: Pupul Supports Prakruti Mishra’s serious allegations on Tutu Nayak

Actress Pupul Said, “Casting couch exists in the Odia cine industry and the allegations against producer Sanjay Nayak might as well be true”.

“There are a lot of talented girls who come to get work in Ollywood, but they suddenly disappear after doing one or two projects. It indicates, more than talent, there is something else that is required to get enough work in the industry. The girls who refuse to compromise in the industry, disappear into oblivion,” Bhuyan said.

Asked about her own experience, Bhuyan said, “Casting couch happened to me as well. When I came to Ollywood in search of work, I was approached to compromise too. However, I denied their advancements and went away. Later, I came back with the help of reality shows, met good people, and established myself with the help of my talent. I am at such a level now, nobody will approach me that way.”

She advised the newcomers to not lose hope.

Film producer Sanjay Nayak also known as Tutu Nayak, and actress Prakruti Mishra made serious allegations of the casting couch. Read Also: CASTING COUCH OF KISHWER MERCHANT

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