1.68 million people have lost jobs in the US:Report

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1.68 million people have lost jobs in the US, a crisis on the employment of 40 million people in India

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Corona virus epidemic spreads to 204 countries worldwide

More than 16 million infected, more than 95 thousand deaths

With the outbreak of coronavirus spreading across the world, there is now a crisis on people’s livelihood. People’s jobs are being cut off due to lockdowns in different countries around the world to prevent transit. So far in the United States, 1.68 million people have been unemployed due to coronaviruses and lockdowns.

These people have applied under the government package. In lockdown, there is a crisis on the employment of more than 40 million workers in the informal sector in India. In many other countries, millions of people are likely to be unemployed.

1.68 million people have applied unemployment in the US
  • According to public figures released Thursday from the Labor Bureau in the United States, so far 1.68 million people have applied for assistance under the unemployment package.

  • These are three-week statistics. In the last two weeks, the number of applicants in the United States was around 10 million. However, the number of applicants in the third week has dropped from 2 lakh 61 thousand in the second week to 66 lakh in the second week.

  • The United States has asked people in its 40 states and the District of Columbia to stay in their homes to prevent the Corona epidemic. The unemployment rate in the United States is estimated to be around 15 percent in April.

About 40 million people in India are likely to be affected By Corona Virus
  • Around 21 million people working in the unorganized sector in India are likely to be impacted by the 21-day lockdown to fight the rising outbreak of Korana.

  • This could have a bad effect on their job. According to a report by the International Labor Union, coronavirus will push more people into poverty in the unorganized sector, bringing in more than 40 million people.

  • The organization has said that India is involved in countries that do not have sufficient resources to deal with the situation. The organization has said that 90% of the 45 million workforce in India is connected to the unorganized sector.

Approx 21 million people in Germany are likely to be unemployed
  • According to government figures in Germany, more than 6.5 million merchants have applied to reduce working hours. According to the news agency AFP, this situation is also dire for 2008-09.

  • According to German Federal Labor Agency officials, it is not possible to show the exact numbers of people who have been unemployed so far because of the Corona epidemic, but it is likely to rob more than 2 million people. In Germany in the last financial crisis, 14 million people were unemployed.

More than one million people have lost their jobs in Canada
  • According to the Canada Labor Force Survey, more than 1 million people have been lost in March due to the coronavirus epidemic.

  • This has resulted in Canada’s unemployment rate rising from 2.2 percent in March to 7.8 percent in March. Government statistics show that for the first time since 1976, unemployment rates have risen in Canada for the first time.

Around 95 thousand deaths worldwide
  • The coronavirus has infected more than 16 million people worldwide so far, while 95 thousand 722 have died. America is seriously affected.

  • More than 4 lakh 68 thousand positive cases have been reported here and 16 thousand 691 have been killed. In Europe, Spain is most affected by Corona. Spain has reported 1 million 52 thousand 446 positive cases and more than 15 thousand deaths.

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