The Corona epidemic swept Hong Kong’s 91-year-old investor, with the popularity of the Zoom app reaching Rs. 22 thousand crores

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The Corona epidemic swept Hong Kong's 91-year-old investor, with the popularity of the Zoom app reaching Rs. 22 thousand crores

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Li Ka Shing invested 49 million in 2013, the lockdown has grown in popularity

Li Ka Shing’s portfolio is around 1.9 million crore

The 91-year-old Li Ka Shing has become one of Hong Kong’s richest individuals by investing in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. While most of their investment value was declining in this phase of the Corona virus epidemic, their 8.6 participation in Zoom Video Communication came to fruition. Due to this partnership they are now getting rich.

Overall Investment Portfolio $ 460 Million
  • Work from home currency has increased rapidly in most parts of the world at present stage due to the epidemic. Many professionals who work from home do need video conferencing and most of them are currently using the zoom app. Because of this, the value of the zoom increased rapidly and Li Ka Shing also benefited from it.

  • The value of Li Ka Shing’s participation in the zoom has increased by 80 percent this year and has now reached around $ 300 million (about Rs 22,000 crore). Zoom this year proved to be an investment benefit only for Zuma, the legendary Lee Ka Shing of Superman’s nickname among his fans.

  • This year, their overall investment portfolio has decreased by $ 460 million (about Rs 35,000 crore) and now it is worth a total of $ 2570 million (about Rs 1.9 lakh crore). The decline in the total value of the investment was due to the Corona virus, as well as the long-standing outlook in Hong Kong.

The net worth of the Zoom Founder is 49 thousand crores
  • Not only did Li Ka Shing benefit from the rapid rise in demand for the Zoom app. According to Bloomberg rankings, Zoom’s counterpart Eric Yuan’s net worth is now $ 650 million (about Rs 49,000 crore). Yahoo co-founder Jerry Young is also among the early investors in the Zoom.

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