Maharashtra decides to increase lockdown at least till April 30

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Maharashtra decides to extend lockdown at least till April 30

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  • Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Saturday announced that the state will extend the lockdown till a minimum of April 30 and asked people to be “mentally prepared” for a extended wait if the case failed to ease by then.

  • “The lockdown are extended till April 30, that’s a minimum. i’m emphasizing the word minimum, because we’d like the people’s co-operation to interrupt the cycle. People shouldn’t start off unless absolutely necessary. don’t crowd markets and co operate, and only then we will tackle this by April 30, ” he told the media.

  • Thackeray addressed the media after a video conference of chief ministers with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during which most states spoke in favour of extending the nationwide lockdown over the Covid-19 epidemic.

  • “I am addressing you because there was speculation and rumours about what transpired within the meeting with the PM. As your chief minister i believed I should address you directly. we’ve told the PM that the lockdown needed to be extended to combat the disease. Maharashtra won’t lift the lockdown after April 14th,” he said.

  • “In some areas we’d relax restrictions and in other places we’d need to tighten restrictions to forestall the spread of the disease,” he added

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