WWE superstar Becky Lynch Announces Her pregnancy

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch announced on Monday (May 11) at the promotion’s Raw television show that she was pregnant and would stay away from the action “for a while”. Lynch, nicknamed “The Man”, is with WWE headliner Sath Rawlins.

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch: “I’m torn between happiness and sadness, because I’m in a place in my life where things are about to change and I need to do something about it,” said an emotional Lynch.

Lynch told People magazine that she came to know about her pregnancy in April and is going to have a baby in December. Lynch also said that she is yet to decide the future in her ring.

RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch
  • “I don’t know what the next chapter is because I only know what it means to me when I think to myself. So I don’t know what it will look like and how my priorities will change and what I’ll do in the future.” I want to. So, everything is open, “Lynch told People.
  • With this announcement, Lynch, who was the longest RAW Women’s Champion, won the Raw Women’s title.
  • Notably, Lynch held the Raw Women’s Champion belt for 398 days after defeating Ronda Rousey in the main event of WrestleMania 35 in April 2019.
  • The triple-match match also featured Charlett Flair and was the first major event in WrestleMania history.

Journey Of Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch
WWE Superstar
  • Age of Becky Lynch is 33-year-old Lynch, a native of Ireland, began his WWE journey in 2013.
  • Lynch’s real name is Rebecca Quinn and he is a trained actor. Lynch is making a second career in film and television.
  • Last week, Lynch received a guest spot on the season premiere of the Showtime series “Billion“.

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Becky Lynch

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