What Is International Women’s Day? What is The Story Behind International Women’s Day

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What Is International Women's Days

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What Is International Women’s Day? 8th March of evry year is celebrated as the International Women’s Day the world over since many years. It celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements and empowerment of women while highlighting the problems they face in day-to-day life as well as in the professional environment.

This year, International Women’s Day 2021 is very special because there are many challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is International Women’s Day? (History Behind International Women’s Day)

The International Women’s Day can be traced back to 28th February, 1909 when the “Socialist Party of America” designated this day in honour of the garment workers strike in New York.

However in 1911, the first official celebrations of International Women’s Day, when women from several European countries (Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland) participated in demonstrations.

Another important demonstration in Europe that on 8th March, 1917, women textile workers in St Petersburg (formerly Petrograd) taking over the streets, which later on grew to become the Russian Revolution.

The day has been mainly celebrated by communist countries and socialist movements until 1967, when the United Nations recognised the day and started celebrating it as the International Women’s Day we have come to know of today.

What Are The Significance of International Women’s Day?

March 8th of every year, is to celebrate for all womens, and recognise her achievements without regard to divisions like national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, or political.

Make people aware of women’s rights and gender equality, parity, and call to action for accelerating women’s equality.

Celebrations of International Women’s Day has now become a national holiday (national leave) in several nations. However, it is still largely ignored in several countries, making it a day of protest as well as a day of celebration.

In some countries, namely Bulgaria and Romania, the International Women’s Day is observed as equivalent to Mother’s Day.

When is international women’s day

8th March On Every Year

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