Blonde Actress  Ana De Armas Reveals Her Simple Beauty Routine

Morning beauty routine is most important!

You Need To Remove Dead Skin Cell And Oil From The Face In Morning. Maintain Your Skin’s Moisture Level

Night Time Skin care is also important

After Removing Make Up at night, Night Cream is the best skincare products. Night Cream makes your skin healthy.

She is not Not a fan of contouring

Using less makeup is always good for you skin. Your skin receive more oxygen and your skin becomes smooth and glowing.

Sun is the skin's enemy!

Sun Rays are the enemy of your skin. Applying Sun screen is the 1st step to do in morning. 30+ SPF Sunscreen lotion is good.

Use natural Coco lip balm, face mists and hand lotions

Ana De Armas uses pure cocoa butter lip balm to moisture her lips.

You have to make you skin hydrate and healthy

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