10 Key Points You Must Know About Why Russia And Ukraine Are Fighting?

1. While there has been tensions between Russia and Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, for a long time, this situation began getting out of control in early 2021.

By December2021, the US began hyping up the deployment of the Russian troops and President Biden warned of severe sanctions if Russia invaded Ukraine. 

3. Russia has demanded that the West gives a legally binding guarantee that NATO will not hold any military activity in eastern Europe and Ukraine. 

4. This is not the first time tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Russia had invaded Ukraine in 2014  

5. As a former Soviet republic Ukraine has deep social and cultural ties with Russia, and Russian is widely spoken there, but ever since Russia invaded in 2014 those relations have frayed. 

6. Russia attacked Ukraine when its pro-Russian president was deposed in early 2014. The war in the east has since claimed more than 14,000 lives. 

7. Russia and Ukraine had signed the Minsk peace accord to halt the armed conflict in east Ukraine, including the Donbas region. 

8. The new tension between Russia and Ukraine, which also borders the European Union, has repurcussions for the EU. 

9. Just weeks ago, French President Emmanuel Macron flew to Moscow to talk to President Putin to reduce tensions.

10. India has called for a diplomatic way out of the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

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