Top 10 Activities Allowed Till 31st May 2020: Guidelines of Lockdown 4.0

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top 10 activities allowed

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Lockdown 4 Guidelines: All activities specified in all zones except specified zones are allowed where only essential services will be allowed.

Top 10 Activities allowed: The center has allowed rapid transportation of public and private vehicles in the fourth phase of lockdown through a notification issued on Sunday.

However, most of the restrictions like domestic and international air travel, metro rail services, educational institutions, restaurants and hotels, cinema halls, shopping malls, gym, swimming pools, social gatherings, social gatherings, religious gatherings.

Cultural and political nature will not be allowed. Keeping in mind the parameters issued by the Center, states have been given the freedom to nominate areas in the Red, Green and Orange zones.

Top 10 Activities Allowed in Lockdown 4.0

top 10 activities allowed
top 10 activities allowed
  1. Inter-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses is included with mutual consent of the states and union territories. Long trips of passenger vehicles and buses as decided by the states and union territories.
  2. Apart from standalone shops, market places are now allowed to open, however, restrictions on the operation of malls and theaters continue.
  3. Barber shops, spas and salons can also be opened
  4. Interstate and rapid movement of medical professionals, nurses, paramedical staff, hygiene personnel, ambulances without any restrictions.
  5. Movement of all types of freight goods including empty goods vehicles
  6. E-commerce activities for non-essential goods are now allowed in the Red Zone as well.
  7. Cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws, taxis and cab aggregators like Ola, Uber are allowed.
  8. Restrictions on limiting the number of employees in offices to 33% have also been lifted.
  9. Premises and stadiums will be allowed to open, however, spectators will not be allowed.
  10. Restaurants are now allowed to operate kitchens for home delivery of food items.

Aarogya Setu App for Android and ios

  • Also, installing Arogya setu application is not mandatory for employees who go to the office, employers have been instructed to ask employees to install the app for their own safety based on ‘best efforts basis’.

The States have freedom to add restriction in any area

  • States and UTs have been given a free hand to add more activities to the restricted list.
  • It is important to note that all activities allowed during the third phase of lockdown 4.0 will also be allowed in the fourth phase, however, giving states too much freedom to add restrictions in any area.
  • It is also important to note that the above activities will not be allowed in the control area.

In control areas, the Central Government Guidelines allow only essential services.

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