Everything You Must Know Before Watching The Umbrella Academy Season 3

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7 Things You Must Know Before Watching The Umbrella Academy Season 3

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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 On Netflix: Finally, the most awaited superhero web series “The Umbrella Academy Season 3” is released on 22 June 2022 on Netflix.

7 Things You Must Know Before Watching The Umbrella Academy Season 3

1. Luther Hargreeves became a boxer and he is very unhappy after his sister

After Five’s time travel at the end of Season 1 went wrong, the Luther were scattered across the early ’60s and forced to protect themselves.

Luther landed in 1962 and he lived a very quiet life-fighting in underground boxing rings and working security for his new mentor Jack Ruby.

Jack Ruby who later killed John F. Kennedy’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald, was like a messed up historical murder nesting doll.

2. Diego Hargreeves got institutionalised and has a girlfriend

Diego was dropped in 1963, and just like any good red-blooded time-travelling American, he immediately decided he was going to prevent the assassination of JFK.

Unfortunately, his clumsy attempts to save the president quickly got him institutionalised, where he met fellow patient Lila.

3. Allison Hargreeves was a civil rights activist and became a happy wife

Allison landed in 1961 which, for those of you unfamiliar with U.S. history, that time was not a great time to be Black in America.

Taken in by the local Black community, she found work at a hair salon, got heavily involved with the civil rights movement, and married organiser Raymond Chestnut.

4. Klaus Hargreeves started a cult and tried to save his boyfriend Dave

After living in luxury for several years, Klaus eventually reunited with the rest of his family and realised that he had a chance to stop his former boyfriend Dave from joining the military and dying in the Vietnam War. 

5. Number 5 Attempted to herd his siblings and fought himself

After Landing in the middle of the apocalypse in November 1963, Five learned that this global disaster was the domino effect of him and his siblings travelling to the past.

Thus, in order to prevent it, he time travelled ten days earlier and tried to convince the Hargreeves to return to their own time.

Five eventually worked with his siblings Ben to stop Number 7 from destroying the world (again), without having to flee the time period in the process. 

6. Ben Hargreeves saved the world with Five and finally moved on

After seeing that the other Hargreeves were unable to reach Number 7 through the overwhelming waves of power emanating from him as he lost control, Ben made his own way to his brother and jumped into his body.

He Reached Number 7 inside his own mind, Ben spoke to and comforted him, calming him down and helping him rein in his power. 

Sadly, by doing this Ben finally moves on to the afterlife, hugging Number 7 as his ghostly body disappeared.

As he did so, he told Number 7 to pass on a final message to Klaus: It wasn’t his fault Ben hadn’t moved on earlier, and he’d simply been scared to go into the light.

7. Number 7 got amnesia and fell in love

if you’ve seen celebrity news, it’s been confirmed that Elliot Page’s character Number 7 will act as trans in Season 3, and begin using the name Viktor Hargreeves.

Number 7 landed in 1963 and, in a very Back to the Future move, promptly got hit by a car.


What is the release date of The Umbrella Academy season 3?

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is released on 22 June 2022 on Netflix.

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