SSSniperwolf Demonitized Status Update From YouTube, YouTube Suspends SSSniperwolf Monetization

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SSSniperwolf Demonitized Status Update SSSniperwolf Doxxing Controversies

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SSSniperwolf Demonitized Status Updates: Recently, a Shocking incident happened. YouTube temporarily suspends monetization of SSSniperwolf streamer. After that, She shared an apology on her social media account.

Let’s know the whole incident in detail.

Early in October, Twitch streamer SSSniperwolf AKA Alia Shelesh was accused by fellow YouTuber Jacksfilms of doxxing him.

Jack Douglass alleged that Alia shared his address on her official Instagram Story.

Jack posted this incident on X (Formerly Twitter) and urged YouTube to demonetize the Dangerous Creator.

SSSniperwolf Demonitized Status Update | SSSniperwolf Doxxing Controversies

After getting requests from Jack Douglass (Jacksfilms), In response, YouTube released the statement and said the Twitch streamer SSSniperwolf has received a temporary Monitization Suspension.

After that Alia apologised to Jack.

sssniperwolf doxing Apology Post


What Is the Real name of sSSniperwolf?

sssniperwolf real name is Alia Shelesh.

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