Poonam Pandey Latest News: Police complaint filed against Poonam Pandey for ‘obscene’ video shot in Goa

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Poonam Pandey Latest News

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Poonam Pandey Latest News: A police complaint has been filed against model-actor Poonam Pandey for allegedly shooting an ‘obscene’ video in Goa. A member of the Goa Forward Party has accused the chief minister of promoting the state as a ‘porn destination’.

A police complaint has been filed by the women’s wing of the Goa Forward Party against model-actor Poonam Pandey in Goa, for allegedly shooting an ‘obscene’ video in the state. An FIR has also been filed against an unnamed person at the Canacona Police Station, for shooting the video featuring Poonam.

Poonam Pandey Latest News: Police complaint filed for ‘obscene’ video shot in Goa

Poonam Pandey Latest News

“Based on the complaint lodged by Assistant Engineer sub-division II works division, Water Resources Department, an offence has been registered under Section 294 of IPC. The police are investigating and further sections may be added as the investigation proceeds,” Pankaj Kumar Singh, Superintendent of Police (SP) South Goa told ANI. He also said that Goa Police will summon the actor during the investigation.

Durgadas Kamat, vice president and spokesperson, Goa Forward Party demanded the resignation of Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant and Water Resources Minister Filipe Neri Rodrigues. “Video of Poonam Pandey has gone viral in Goa. The video was shot at Chapoli Dam in Canacona. The area is highly secured and is the property of the Water Resource Department, Goa government. Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) normally issued permission for the shoot in Goa. The Chief Minister is the chairman of the ESG. The BJP government led by Pramod Sawant is promoting Goa as porn destination which is bringing bad name to the state,” Kamat told ANI.

“We demand the resignation of the Chief Minister and Water Resources Minister Filipe Neri Rodrigues. Our Goa Women Forward led by Advocate Ashma is filing an official police complaint with South SP Pankaj Singh,” he said.

Poonam Pandey Latest News

“How a video shooting can take place in daylight with all authorities remaining clueless? This is a clear case of Intelligence Failure and Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant must take serious cognizance of the same. Dams and Atomic Plants come under highly sensitive zones and there must be round-the-clock security around such places,” he stated. “If such places can be trespassed so easily, it raises serious questions on the role of security and intelligence agencies. This incident has raised alarm bells once again and the government must act immediately,” he added.


In September, Poonam and her husband Sam Bombay visited Goa days after tying the knot. During their stay, Poonam filed a domestic violence complaint against Sam, alleging that he had beaten her in their hotel room. Poonam later claimed that the incident had been ‘blown out of proportion’, and told The Times of India that she had reconciled with Sam. She said, “We are trying to iron out things and have more or less sorted it all out. We are back together. You know what? We both love each other too much. We are madly in love. And, which shaadi does not have its ups and downs?”

(Source: ANI )

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