Lunar Eclipse 2020: Chandra Grahan (Purnima June 2020) date, India timings

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Lunar Eclipse 2020 Chandra Grahan Purnima June 2020

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Lunar Eclipse 2020: The world is ready to see the second lunar eclipse (Purnima June 2020). This year saw its first eclipse on January 10 and now the second lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) is on the intervening night of June 5-6 respectively.

Lunar Eclipse 2020

  • The second Lunar Eclipse 2020 is visible in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

Chandra Grahan (Purnima June 2020)

Chandra Grahan (Purnima June 2020) date and time in India:

Begins at 5 Jun, 23:15:51 (11.15 pm). It is ends at 6 Jun, 02:34:03 (02.34 am).

Strawberry Moon Eclipse

  • It is also known as the Strawberry Moon Eclipse. But do you know why?
  • It is because during this time of the season, wild strawberries begin to ripen and that’s how a Full Moon in June derived its name.
  • Other names include Rose Moon, Hot Moon and Mead Moon

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