Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Pawan reveals Prithvi’s plan

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Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2020 Written Update

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Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2020 Written Update on allnews.co.in

The Kundali Bhagya episode begins with Shristy notices Janaki’s missed calls in her mobile and calls her to know why she called her these many times. Janaki tells her that she was about to call her again and talks in a low voice. Shristy asks what happened to her voice.

Janaki tells her to listen her carefully saying it’s a serious issue and tells her that how first time Pawan argued with her and how she followed him and also about the bedsheet thing. She tells her everything and says definitely he is some theif and stole something costly from Luthra house.

Shristy shocks knowing that Janaki saw lot of Goons there. Janaki says she thinks that theif could be Prithvi because other than him who else have enmity with them. Shristy says it could be Mahira’s work too.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Pawan reveals Prithvi’s plan

Janaki says she is going to see what they stole from Luthra house and asks Shristy to come to her saying she can’t do it alone. Shristy tells her to send the location, she will reach there as soon as possible.

Pawan scolds Gabbar for showing the knife to Preeta saying she is his sister in law, Prithvi going to marry her which shocks Preeta and the Goons. He apologize to her for the Goons behavior saying they doesn’t know about her.

He says he will explain her everything and says it’s about love , his brother loves her a lot, hearing her marriage news he breaks down and become devdass.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2020 Written Update

He says when his brother loves her this much then he too deserves love in return but her family throw him out of house, his mother told all these and she never lies.

That’s why his brother joined hands with Mahira and planned to kidnap her if he was in his sense then he would have never done that. But his brother could not kidnap her that’s why he abducted her for his brother and when his brother will gain his conscious he will be happy to see her in front of him.

She yells at him saying stop talking nonsense like this and says how many times she has to repeat that her marriage already happened with Karan Luthra. He says Prithvi loves her a lot so she should marry him. She asks why he is forcing her.

He says it’s about love nothing else. She says everything happening because of Mahira, she planned this to separate her from Karan. Mahira tries to get close to Karan but he taunts her saying she talked a lot yesterday and what is she doing now.

She thinks Karan brought Preeta without any choice so she should reveal her identity to him, she was about lift her veil but Krithika comes there saying everyone calling them.

Pawan says Prithvi loves Preeta a lot so she has to live with him forgetting her family. She gets angry hearing him and asks why she should forget her family. Sarla says Preeta looks different today. Sanjana who hears her says she saw Preeta and she looks very pretty, she is wearing saree and also because of the veil Sarla feels like that.

Sarla wonders why suddenly Sanjana and Ramona talking nicely with her. Sanjana tells Sherlyn about Mahira. Dadi was introducing his guests to Karan and Mahira. Sherlyn comes there and takes Mahira with her saying she wants to talk something important with Preeta.

Shristy calls Janaki and tells her to wait outside only till she reaches there but Janaki says she will go inside when she gets a chance and cuts the call. Preeta tells Pawan that the Prithvi she knows can never kidnap anyone. Pawan starts to laugh at her saying his brother gets whatever he wants by hook or by crook.

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