Kundali Bhagya 1 October 2020 Written Update: Sanjana sees Mahira without Purdah (Veil)

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Kundali Bhagya 1 October 2020 Written Update

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Kundali Bhagya 1 October 2020 Written Update on allnews.co.in

Kundali Bhagya Episode begins with Sanjana sees Mahira without Purdah (Veil) and shocks seeing her. Ramona who came there also sees Mahira and wonders why she is wearing Preeta’s cloths and realises what she is planning to do after noticing the vermillion on her forehead. Before she approaches her she notices that Sarla also approaching Mahira from behind.

Ramona stops Sarla saying she wants to talk to her about something important, using that chance Sanjana puts the veil on Mahira and takes her from there. Janaki reaches Pawan’s place and notices his car and also the goons.

Kundali Bhagya 1 October 2020 Written Update: Preeta shocks

Janaki thinks he definitely would have stoled something costly from Luthra house, she calls Preeta to inform about this so she can check what is missing in Luthra house. When Preeta didn’t attend her call she calls Shristy, no response from her too so she decides to go inside by herself. Pawan goes to meet Prithvi when Gabbar informed him that his brother’s conscious came.

Kundali Bhagya 1 October 2020 Written Update

He slaps him for lying to him seeing Prithvi in unconscious state. Gabbar says his staff told him and without checking he too informed him in happiness. Pawan tells him that they should shift Prithvi to Preeta’s room, when he get conscious he will be happy seeing her in front of him.

Gabbar’s staff shifts Prithvi to Preeta’s room. Gabbar tells Pawan that seems like he loves his brother a lot. Pawan replied him saying he loves Prithvi more than himself and same for Prithvi too. They goes outside.

Preeta gets her consciousness and asks where is she. Pawan hears her voice and comes inside saying her voice is good. She asks who is he. He introduces himself as Pawan. She says that’s not matter for her and asks why she is here and how she reached here.

He tells her to not panic because nothing will happen to her, she is safe here. She says she has to go to her house and recalls Mahira’s words and says she knows that who is he.

She says Mahira told about him and she is the one who hired him to kidnap her. He says he didn’t kidnap her instead he helped her to reach her house. She says she will give him double money than the amount Mahira gave him but let her go from there. She tries to go from there but her head starts to pain.

He says it’s his mistake that he didn’t introduced him properly to her and shows Prithvi to her. She shocks seeing Prithvi there and asks why he kidnapped him. She says it’s a fight between her and Mahira and tells him to not drag Prithvi in this.

Pawan starts to laugh hearing her and says he liked it when she referred Prithvi as Prithvi ji.

She struggles to stand properly because of the weakness, when he tried to help her she pushes him aside and warns him to not touch her. He says he is Prithvi’s brother Pawan Malhotra which shocks Preeta.

Mahira and Sanjana reaches the room. Mahira tells Sanjana to leave from there saying she wants to stay alone and she knows that she won’t tell anyone about this.

Ramona apologize to Sarla and thinks what all she is saying because of Mahira and leaves from there. Rishab hears that and meets Sarla. Sarla says she is confused with Ramona’s behavior.

He tells her, he too heard that but he felt happy so she should not think much about it. Sristy joins them. Sanjana sees them and says he never talked like this with her. Pawan shows his and Prithvi’s pictures to Preeta so she can believe him.

She tells him that she is Mrs.Karan Luthra not his sister in law. Hearing her he gets furious and points the gun on her. She gets afraid and he throws the gun and apologize to her for his behavior. She tries to run from there but Gabbar shows the knife to her and Pawan slaps him.

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