Karishma Kapoor With Husband: Sunjay Kapur ruined Karishma Kapoor Love Life, forced to sleep with friends on honeymoon

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Karishma Kapoor With Husband

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Karishma Kapoor With Husband: Recently bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor has done Web Series “Mentalhood”. Karishma Kapoor was seen promoting her first web series at several events. During this time, she was often seen telling stories related to her web series.

During the promotion of web series “Mentalhood”, there was a lot of discussion from Karishma Kapoor’s film career and personal life. In between Karisma Kapoor reveal her personal life. She mentioned a very painful incident of her life.

Karishma Kapoor With Husband Sunjay Kapur

Karishma Kapoor With Husband
Karishma Kapoor With Husband

Actually Karisma Kapoor has revealed in one of her interviews that she has separated from her husband Sanjay Kapoor due to harassment of in-laws.

Not only this, the actress told that Sunjay Kapur and his family used to torture her and her husband Sunjay Kapur was also involved. Karisma Kapoor recently gave an interview to IT Times.

During this, the actress revealed the secrets of her personal life and said that while we were on honeymoon, Sanjay had forced me to sleep with his friends. When I denied for this, Sanjay started harass me.

Further, Karisma Kapoor said that after getting married, I came to know that Sanjay also have physical relations with his first wife. Both of them lived in live-in.

Along with this, Karisma said that I was tortured a lot during her 1st pregnancy time as well. I was beaten up a lot during this. Karishma had told that during pregnancy, my mother-in-law gifted me a dress and asked her to wear it. But I was not able to wear it due to pregnancy. After this Sanjay and his mother physically abused and slapped me.

However, everything ended between Sanjay and Karisma for 5-6 years of marriage. Because of which both decided to divorce in the year 2012. After this Karisma Kapoor came to mother Babita’s house with her two children.

Karishma and Sanjay have two children. Daughter Samayra and son Kiyan. At the same time, both of them divorced in the year 2016. After which the two never appeared together till today. Sanjay had made a trust of 10 crores for the children. With this Karishma was given a bunglow to live. Sanjay Kapoor also spends on the education of both his children.

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