What!! Is Anuj Kapadia Leaving Anupamaa Serial? Gaurav Khanna Reacts

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Is Anuj Kapadia Leaving Anupamaa Serial

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Is Anuj Kapadia Leaving Anupamaa Serial?: In a short time, Anuj Kapadia’s character becomes more popular in Anupama Serial. Recently, this rumour becomes viral on social media. But Gaurav Khanna Reacts to this rumour.

Is Anuj Kapadia Leaving Anupamaa Serial?

Responding to this rumour, Gaurav Khanna clarified, “No at all.”

Nowadays, Anupamaa becomes the most viewed serial.

Recently, with Anupama and Anuj’s fight in the serial, it was rumoured that actor Gaurab Khanna (Anuj Kapadia) is planning to take a long break from the Anupama serial.

Rumours were rife that Anuj Kapadia’s character will be disappearing from the show Anupamaa for a long time.

Reacting to this, Gaurav Khanna clarified, “No at all, I haven’t heard anything like this It is a phrase where there is some distance between Anuj and Anupama, it does not mean that I am going on a long break. There are ups and downs in the story on television, but it doesn’t mean I am leaving the show.”

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