Indian Railways News: Declared New Rules For Boarding The Trains

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Indian Railways News

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Indian Railways News: Amid lockdown due to Coronavirus crisis, the Central Government has started movement of trains in a limited manner.

Indian Railways News today on 14 May: In the midst of lockdown due to Coronavirus crisis, the central government has started movement of trains in a limited manner.

In this way, thousands of people are travelling every day. But the government has completely changed the rules of travel in trains.

Before boarding the train, passengers are now being screened at the station. Despite the ticket being confirmed, if a passenger shows Symptoms of coronavirus during the screening then the passenger will not be allowed to travel.

What about the Train Ticket?

Indian Railways News
Indian Railways News
  • In such a situation, the biggest question is what will happen to that person’s ticket?
  • Because the government is charging the same fare of Rajdhani train from the passengers.
  • In such a situation, will that passenger’s money be drowned?

Indian Railways News: Full Amount of Refund

  • In fact, the railway has said that due to the symptoms of Coronavirus, passengers who are not being allowed to travel on the train, such people will be returned full ticket money.
  • According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, all passengers will be compulsorily screened and only such people will be allowed to travel in the train with no symptoms of the disease.

Found Symptoms Of Coronavirus

  • The order stated, “If the passenger has a high body temperature during the screening or has symptoms like Covid-19, then he will not be allowed to travel despite having a confirmed ticket.”
  • In such a case, the traveller should return the full ticket money will go.

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