ICC Test Ranking: India has lost the number-1 crown

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ICC ranking India lost

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India lost 1st position in ICC ranking

  • Team India lost their top spot in the ICC ranking to Australia on Friday and slipped to the third position after being removed from the 2016-17 annual record from the annual update as per rules.
  • India topped the Test rankings for the first time since October 2016 and retained this lead in the ICC World Test Championship.
  • Six series played between the top nine teams in the Test Championship League.
  • According to the statement of the International Cricket Council (ICC), India lost their place because of their record of 12 Test wins and one Test defeat in 2016-17 removed from the latest rankings.

Performance of Virat Kohli

  • Virat Kohli’s team had won all five of its series at that time, including the series against Australia and England.
  • On the other hand, Australia lost to both South Africa and India during this period.
  • In this latest update, 100 percent of all matches played after May 2019 and 50 percent rating of the last two years have added.

Australian team is top on ICC ranking

  • At the same time, the Australian team not only reached the top of the Test rankings.
  • But also for the first time achieved the number one position in the T20 International list.
  • Whereas in the annual update after removing the results of 2016-17, England team continues to top the men’s ODI rankings.

ICC ranking points of India

  • Australia now has 116 points in the Test rankings, followed by New Zealand (115) and India (114).
  • There is a difference of only two points among the three and this is the second time in the Test rankings started in 2003, when there is so little difference among the top three teams.
  • In January 2016, there was a difference of only one point between the top three teams in which the Indian team was ahead of Australia and South Africa by only one point.

South Africa Lost 8 points in ICC ranking

  • South Africa lost the most by eight points, slipping below Sri Lanka to sixth place.
  • At the same time, in the ODI team rankings, the current world champion England (127) increased their lead over India to eight points from six.
  • New Zealand’s team remains in third place, three points behind India.

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