Heer Khan Viral Video: Why Heer Khan Is Trending On Twitter?

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Heer Khan Viral Video

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Heer Khan Viral Video News: #ArrestHeerKhan has been trending on social media for some time now People are constantly demanding the arrest of Heer Khan.

Heer Khan Viral Video: Why Heer Khan is Trending (Viral)?

  • A video of this woman named Heer Khan is going viral In this she is using abusive words for Hindu gods and goddesses Demand for arrest of (Heer) Pari Khan is rising on social media after the video went viral.
  • In the viral video, this woman named (Heer) Pari Khan is using abusive language about gods.
  • The woman also says that she is not afraid of the police as she has been doing this for the last two years but so far the police have not done anything.
  • (Heer) Pari Khan says that she herself wants a police case then she will tell what she can do #ArrestHeerKhan
  • At the same time, (Heer) Pari Khan also uses insults for Prime Minister Narendra Modi Some more videos of (Heer) Pari Khan are also being shared on social media.
  • She is using similar words for gods and goddesses On social media, people demanding the arrest of (Heer) Pari Khan are writing that this woman is misusing her democratic rights and uttering such words.
  • By the way, where this woman is from and whether her real name is Heer Kha, this information is not clear, but most people are tagging UP police in it. #ArrestHeerKhan

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Heer Khan Viral Video

Heer Khan Viral Video| Why Heer Khan Is Trending On Twitter? All News
Why Heer Khan is Trending

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