Ghost Video Viral Delhi: Ghost exercise machine in Jhansi shocks Twitter.

Ghost Video Viral Delhi: A video of a exercise gym machine at the Kashiram Park in Jhansi moving on its own has gone viral and left the netizens shocked. But the reason behind it is hilarious.

Ghost Video Viral Delhi On Twitter

  • There are a lot of spooky videos and stories online. Some of those stories have an explanation and some are just unexplainable.
  • A similar video of an exercise machine at the Kashiram Park in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, has gone viral.

Ghost In Japanese Park Rohini

  • The hair-raising clip was shared by former cricketer Aakash Chopra on Twitter with the caption, “Apparently this happened somewhere in UP. Received via WA. Who’s exercising?”

Ghost In Japanese Park Rohini

  • The clip that he received on WhatsApp shows a shoulder press machine located in the park moving on its own as if someone was sitting on it and exercising.
  • The machine goes on while the people standing around record the instance.
  • This continues for over 30 seconds.

Ghost Video Viral In Japanese Park Rohini

  • The video went viral and has garnered over 126k views till now.
  • A scared Twitter took to the comments section of the video asking if it was Mr India or John Cena who was working out on the machine at night.
  • Some even related the video to Aatmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Have a look at some of the comments.

Ghost Video Viral Delhi

  • However, there is an explanation to the machine moving in this manner.
  • After the video went viral, police officers went to the park to assess the situation.
  • One of the police officers stated that there is no paranormal activity, instead the machine has been overly greased which is why it continues moving like this.

Original Photo of Gym Exercise Machine in Delhi

Ghost Video Viral Delhi
Ghost Video Viral Delhi
Ghost Video Viral Delhi
Ghost Video Viral Delhi

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