The Facebook deal is a huge positive impact on RIL share

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Facebook Jio deal RIL share

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After Facebook-Jio deal, Reliance industries share (RIL) share increased with 10%.

At the 3rd day of the week, Reliance share leads top 30 stocks of BSI index. At the closing of the market, RIL share price in RS.1363.

Sharp rise in the share of Reliance Industries has been registered after the deal between Facebook-Jio.

Facebook has bought a 9.99 percent stake in India’s largest telecom company Reliance Jio. World biggest social network Facebook has announced to invest Rs.43,574 in Reliance Jio.

So Facebook become largest share holder in Jio. Reliance industries is the parent company of Reliance Jio and Mr. Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries.

Volatility in Share Market:

  • Meanwhile, the Indian stock market is fluctuating. After gaining more than 200 points in the opening minutes, the Sensex also traded on the red mark.
  • Similarly, the Nifty also saw a decline after recovery.
  • In the last hours of trading, the Sensex was trading above 31 thousand points with a gain of over 500 points, while the Nifty also gained more than 200 points.
  • In the end, the Sensex closed at 31,379.55 points with a gain of 742.84 points, or 2.42 per cent.
  • At the same time, talking about the Nifty, it rose 205.85 points or 2.29 percent to 9,187.30 points.

Today RIL shae opens with Rs.1236.05 and After Facebook-Jio deal, Reliance industries sharr (RIL) share increased with 10% i.e. Rs.1363.35.

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