Breaking News: Israel’s secret lab created coronavirus vaccine!

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coronavirus vaccine

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Israel has developed a vaccine for the Coronavirus to overcome the epidemic.

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19) has killed 2,52,573 people worldwide and infected more than 3.6 million people.
  • Israeli Defense Minister said on Monday that our scientists created vaccine of Coronavirus and known worldwide for its privacy.
  • In short, the institute is hideout from all over the world, making biological and chemical weapons and weapons to protect them.

Is there a vaccine for the coronavirus disease?

  • The Defense Institute founded in the year 1952 by Professor and Ernst David Bergmann.
  • This institute is to work on medical science and protect from infectious diseases.
  • And the institute is also making vaccines and medicines in Israel.
  • Moreover, this lab has created the coronavirus vaccine.
  • This vaccine attacks the coronavirus and kills the coronavirus inside the body of sick people.

The Israel Lab create deadly poisons for Mossad

coronavirus vaccine
  • Israel’s Defense Biological Institute is one of the world’s most secret labs.
  • The lab makes biological and chemical weapons to protect against such attacks.
  • In addition, they make poisons for the Mossad.
  • This poison used worldwide to kill Israeli enemies.
  • Israel has built a lab deep inside the ground to make these deadly poisons and chemical weapons.
  • This Israeli secret lab is under extreme security.
  • A concrete wall built around this institute and Aircraft prohibited to fly above the institute.

What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

  • The recovery time for the coronavirus disease is approximately 2 weeks and 3-6 weeks for patients with critical disease.

Can the coronavirus disease spread through food?

  • Coronaviruses appear to be stable at low temperatures for a certain period.
  • However, Food hygiene and good food safety practices can prevent viruses.
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