Camila Cabello talks about ‘needing wanting help’ for ‘crippling anxiety’

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Camila Cabello Crippling Anxiety

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Camila Cabello Crippling Anxiety: Famous lyricist and songwriter Camila Cabello talked about her struggle with “Crippling Anxiety” and Needing Help for pulling her down from “Crippling Anxiety”.

Camila Cabello Crippling Anxiety: Camila talks about how she struggling with “Crippling Anxiety”

The singer made her admissions to People magazine and was quoted saying, “I was cripplingly anxious and was in the worst mental health state ever.”

“And then I took a break at the beginning of the pandemic. I started doing therapy [and] trying to feel better.”

“For me it was, if this process doesn’t help me in feeling better, and if it’s not me being honest and vulnerable and unfiltered, I don’t really see how this is going to happen.”

She also added, “That was my intention, was just to be myself, whatever that looked like at the time.”

Before concluding Cabello also admitted that all her former struggles will be ‘front and centre’ of her new album.

Especially since she intends to “just word-vomited into a mic in the form of a melody” because “It really doesn’t get more personal than that. I was all stream of consciousness.”

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