#Binod The Indian Memer Boy: Who Is Binod And Why Is He Trending?

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Who Is Binod

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Who Is Binod? : The term ‘Binod’ is now a trending term and has become a new favourite Indian Memer Boy.

Scroll through the comments on any social media post right now and you’ll surely find one or two people who must have commented ‘Binod’.

Who Is Binod And Why Is He Trending?

  • Who Is Binod? The name ‘Binod’ went viral on various social media platforms after YouTubers Gautami and Abhyudaya on their YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point’ posted videos about comments under videos that make no sense.
  • In the video, the duo spoke about a user named Binod Tharu who just commented ‘Binod’ in the comments section, with no relevance to the context of the video or anything in specific.
  • The video that went viral is titled, “Why Indian comments section is garbage (BINOD).”
  • After which the name ‘Binod’ is being used in comment sections everywhere across various social media platforms, for fun among netizens.

PayTM is now ‘Binod’?

  • With Indian Memer Boy ‘Binod’ having taken over all social media platforms, even PayTM changed its name to ‘Binod’ on Twitter.
  • The e-commerce payment system and financial technology company changed its name on the microblogging website after a Twitterati tagged PayTM’s account in a comment saying, “@Paytm Can you change your name to Binod? Be a sport. C’mon.”
  • PayTM retweeted the same with one additional word saying “Done,” and pinned the tweet to the top.

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