Parth and Jaydeep Viral Audio: Parth Viral Audio made social media gone crazy

Parth and Jaydeep Viral Audio: #roomsetting has become a trend on Twitter, a red light for parents of students studying outside, even if the reality of the clip is mysterious.

Parth and Jaydeep Viral Audio

  • Parth and Jaydeep Viral audio clip has made social media crazy in the state.
  • The audio clip, which went viral last night, has been seen on most of the state’s social media pages.
  • The clip has caused a stir on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The incident was also in Twitter’s national trend last night after the audio clip went viral.
  • The incident is old for those who have heard the clip but for those who are not yet aware of the incident and especially for the parents of students studying outside.

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Parth Viral Audio on Social Media

  • A trend called # room_setting has gone viral on Twitter since Thursday night.
  • A search of this trend’s hashtag reveals a different meme and a viral audio clip.
  • This audio clip is a recording of a phone call made by a friend named Jaydeep to a friend named Parth.
  • The veracity of the incident cannot be verified but if the incident is true then the parents of the students studying outside need to check once again about the concessions given to their children.

Parth and Jaydeep Viral Audio And Video

Credits: viral gujju

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