2021 Predictions Baba Vanga: Here are Blind Mystic Baba Vanga Predictions 2021

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2021 Predictions Baba Vanga

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2021 Predictions Baba Vanga: For the uninitiated, Baba Vanga, sometimes called the Nostradamus of the Balkans, foretold major world events in a series of mystical predictions, as far forward as 5079.

As the hactic 2020 year is coming to an end, we all are hoping for some cheer and wishing for a peaceful year 2021 ahead. However, seems there is no relief from troubles in the next year as well, according to blind Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga.

Blind Mystic Baba Vanga Predictions For 2021

Vanga has predicted that the world will suffer from ‘a lot of cataclysms (Act of God) and great disasters’ in 2021.

“The consciousness of people will change. Difficult times will come. People will be divided by their faith. We are witnessing devastating events that will change the fate and destiny of humanity,” she said.

List of 2021 Predictions Baba Vanga

  1. Vanga has made a bizarre claim that a dragon will take over the planet. She is claimed to have said: “A strong dragon will seize humanity. The three giants will unite. Some people will have red money. I see the numbers 100, 5, and many zeros.”
  2. However, Baba Vanga has also predicted that a healing of cancer will be found in 2021. She claimed: “At the beginning of the 21st century, humanity will get rid of cancer. The day will come when cancer will get tied with iron chains.”
  3. Things are not looking good happen for Donald Trump as per Baba Vanga said he will be apparently suffer from a “mysterious disease”. She claimed the 45th POTUS will become sick with a “mysterious disease that will leave him deaf, and cause brain trauma”.
  4. Further, she claims that Europe’s economy condition will fall, an murder attempt will be carried out against Russian President Vladimir Putin by someone within his own country and Islamic extremists will stage an attack in Europe.
  5. She also claims that within the next 200 years humans will have made contact with aliens. She predicted: “Life in cosmos will be discovered, and suddenly it will be clear how life on Earth first appeared,” adding “people will get in touch with their spiritual siblings from other worlds”.

Who is Baba Vanga?

2021 Predictions Baba Vanga

Notably, Vanga lost her vision at the age of 12 and claimed that at the same time she became aware that she was given her a very rare gift from God to see into the future. Vanga had also predicted the rise of ISIS and said that America’s 44th president would be African-American.

2021 Predictions Baba Vanga

Here Is The List Of Baba Vanga Book You Can Read

  1. Bulgarian Mysteries: From Andrew the Apostle to Mystic Baba Vanga Download Here
  2. The last prophesy of Baba Vanga: Visitors from Vamtim Download Here

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